The clothing sector in Zimbabwe comprises of registered companies who are members of the Zimbabwe Clothing Council. Zimbabweans own the majority of the companies and there has been an influx of indigenous clothing manufacturers over the past few years. However, only a small number less than 10% manufacture for export despite the growing regional market and inroads in past years into new markets mainly in Europe.The Zimbabwe clothing worker is highly skilled and able to produce clothing to world standard requirements and importantly at competitive prices. Other areas for investment would be direct investment of management and technical skills or the establishment of joint venture manufacturing and marketing operations.

The textile industry has gone through a down period and requires investment in new technology which will enable it to compete with imports into the Southern African region from the Far East.There are opportunities for investment on a joint venture basis into textile design which will enable the industry to attract customers from a wider market base. Within the industry there is under-utilized capacity, which could be developed with external partners into more, specialised manufacture through an improved marketing strategy.


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