Cotton production is less than the estimated value. There are certain factors which are involved in its less production and those factors support the speculation of less cotton productivity but currently the focus is on the CAB (Cotton Advisory Board) whose estimations are that cotton yield this season (October 2015 to September 2016) as per estimation would reach 352 lakh bales.

Apart from estimations the real production could be entirely different from the speculated figure with the average yield now being 500 kg per hectare as against 570 kg a hectare a few years back.

There are prices of different varieties of cotton as the price of Shankar – 6 cotton, a variety well renowned with textile factories, was Rs33, 300 a candy on April 1, going up to Rs 36,500 a candy by the end of April, before adjusting at Rs 35,000.

Well there is no grumble noticed in India for shortage of cotton as there are enough stocks of cotton available which can be easily utilized but the areas as Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab is speculated to decline, and the reason expected is that farmers in Maharashtra and Terengganu show least dedicated and attentive in the productivity.

India’s textile industry and cotton production is leading in the world and there more estimated productivity can easily be defined after the monsoon season.

There are great expectations from rain this year as it is expected that it can be prove fruitful for more cotton productivity.