Brazilian footwear industry is growing steadily and according to the analysis report issued by Abicalçados, statistics shows that in 2016, footwear export was by 6.1% in the first half of the year and this statistic is different from last year progress within the same half. But astonishingly, in March significant footwear export is visible and it generated export revenue of almost 79.8 million US dollars and it exported 10.6 million pairs of footwear and this statistics is declining by 12.5% comparatively to same time period in 2015. The exported results for footwear are below the statistics recorded in March last year (-2.3%).

The total calculated export of Brazilian export sector for first quarter of the year was 31.8% million pairs and generated revenue was of 226.8 million US dollars, decreased by 6.1% from similar time period last year. (241.6 million US dollars)

Brazilian footwear export is showing continuous progress in form of good revenue. Heitor Klein, Executive President of Abicalçados, Brazilian footwear manufacturing association declared that no matter decreasing figures in comparison to same time period last year, Brazilian footwear export generated good deal of revenue out of that every month and statistics of every single month of this year are mentioned above. It’s the tremendous growth rate. "There is a gradual recovery, but is still far below expectations for the period", he submitted.

Brazilian footwear is hugely exported to US markets and it’s the main hub of export for Brazil with the maximum revenue of 49.5 million US dollars on the export of 3.8 million pairs.

Another important center of footwear export for Brazil is France and its markets released the revenue of 17.7 million US dollars (+4.7%) in the period.

Another big importer of Brazilian footwear is Argentina receiving 1.4 million shoe pairs for which Brazil was paid 17.4 million US dollars. This generated revenue shows 72.4% increase in volume and 27.5% in value.

Mr. Klein commented

"The Argentine market has surprised us positively, with a robust recovery, even with the devaluation of the local currency"

The purpose of this statement was the acknowledgement of Brazilian brand and its demand in global markets.