Chinese industrial power is recognized worldwide and CHIC (Chinese International Clothing Accessories Fair 2016-spring) is prove that China’s fashion industry is also quite attractive and considered as a hub for all the trade bodies across the globe. It’s the 24th version of CHIC which is considered as the massive scale fashion & business fair of the year 2016. CHIC accommodated more than 1,300 exhibitors from 20 different countries. This event took place from 16th of March to 18th of March 2016, a massive and innovative exposure of fashion brands, technology, research, science and industrial progress was presented in the fair.

Chen Dapeng, Executive Vice President of CNGA and Head of CHIC submitted, “The Chinese market is still growing but it is a market for the middle class. The slogan‚ ‘new normal’ expresses that consumers in China are very well aware on styles and prices, but not buying at any price. The price/quality ratio plays an important role.”

Global nerve center of fashion trade:

CHIC allowed massive trade bodies to display their innovation and during the 3 days event, huge range of professional visitors of 1,04,592 registered and according to CHIC it was rather less range as compared to 2015 fair. The quality of displayed products and the innovative industrial development was record fabulous. According to Limin Ou, CEO of Peacebird submitted that they obtained massive positive response and the display of brands, quality and quantity of products was momentous and they got successful in achieving their target. This event earned great success for China's fashion and trade industry which predicts that China’s fashion industry will grow more and become more organized than before, which will surely divert the world’s interest more towards China. Middle class merchants also found scope for them in CHIC as Botswana in Africa signing a business contract at CHIC. Apart from exhibitors came from big malls, small departmental stores, boutiques and e-commerce gateways also registered their presence in CHIC event. CHIC took credit of giving exposure of 1300 brands, 20 scientific and technological researches based seminars and almost fashion shows which were based on new fashion and style.

Few brands re-launched their brands like ‘Firs re-launched its brand ‘Shanshan’ . ‘Peacebird ‘ re-launched the brand as ‘Whaam’ . So many new brands were also launched in this fashion fair.

Global fashion tour:

Exposure of CHIC was quite high and global this time, so many new nations joined the journey this year and displayed their innovations regarding fashion industry, science and technology like Netherlands, Germany, France, Brazil, UK, Turkey and so many other countries made their contributions regarding so many products and enhanced the exposure of the event.

CHIC started the journey in 1993 and now it has scattered on massive scale worldwide , strengthening the industrial potential of china with handsome increase in their revenue and good and productive relationship with other economically strong countries as well.