According to new updates, biannual fair for denim ‘Denim premiere Vision’ will be conducted in Barcelona, city of Spain, from November 16 to 17, this year 2016.

Fair is mainly based on the products made by international manufacturers, products include fabrics, colors, designs and trends of the upcoming season. Other products displayed include all the accessories, laundry and fabric, promotions products, more in lifestyle and fashion industry. All the trades in the denim industry are brought together by Denim premiere vision.

Considering a chain starts from weavers and tailors to fiber makers and accessory-manufacturers, indeed all the companies from all over the globe will be there at the show to showcase their expertise.

This show is truly dedicated to denim fabric. Exclusively Denim premiere Vision is the dominating international event for every professional involved in the denim industry. Analysis shows that the every season, teams from premiere Vision come up with strong, genuine ideas to showcase products and services.

Statistics shows that last edition of Barcelona, Denim premiere Vision beared 3,803 visitors which is eight percent less than the previous edition.

The loss was measured because of less number of visitors and it was due to companies came with smaller teams. Almost 95 exhibitors gathered in fair and half of them were weavers. Anyways fair is adding continuously positivity for the key players in the sector significantly in Europe and the United States.