Like other clothing items socks is also a wearing item which is worn on feet to cover feet and in most of the cases for ankle or some part of calf protection.

There are special kind of shoes or footwear designed to wear over socks. In old ages socks were made from animal skin or leather and it were used as symbol of purity by many holy Europeans or for purpose of protecting feet from frostbite. In old times there was no trend of stylish foot coverings but in order to safe feet from cold climate.

In the late 16 th century, manufacturers started use of machine-knit socks. Until 1800, both hand knitting and machine knitting methods were used for producing socks and to increase the yield as well. As 18 th century crossed, machine knitting method got more significance and manufacturers opted the machine knitting method for more quality and rapid production. Basically in early ages socks were
made from animal skins gathered up and tied around ankles in order to remain unharmed from cold weather conditions.

Another utilization of socks is avoiding perspiration as according to analysis foot is massive sweat producing part of body and socks absorbs sweating and provide ventilation for foot. Socks which are wool manufactured provides insulation to foot form cold in chill environment. Different kinds of socks are produced for dress shoes or business shoes which gives formal look. Socks producing companies are manufacturing special socks for sports.

Socks have become now fashion symbol for youngsters and different types of stylish and embroidery based socks are available. Apart from this all different colored and patterned socks are also there in market. Socks are available made up of woolen, nylon, polyester, fabric and silk are quite comfortable and flexible to wear. Different other materials like bamboo, linen cotton are also used to enhance softness and comfort level for its buyers. Different professional knitting
machines are used by manufactures to give different unique effects including different colors blend or design patterns. There are different varieties in socks including long stockings and different art is also put on socks to enhance the appearance. Different colored socks designed for sports uniform is a key to differentiate in different teams, only when their legs are clearly visible.

Different lengths of socks are made for different kind of buyers. Knee-High socks are made for formal dressing code and when these thigh socks are worn by young women so it enhanced sexuality feature which is quite attractive for men.Different other stylish ways are also opted by fashion lovers like foot wraps around foot before wearing shoes.

Manufacturers are quite keen to produce best and more stylish socks and stocking designs which could attract buyers. There are certain recent statistics about socks during past 12 months in 2015, 0.6 percent of households with an annual income of 100,000 U.S. dollars or more than that spent 500 to 999 U.S dollars on children's under garments like underwear’s, socks, etc. in 2015.