Jeans have become a popular fashion trend in today’s age which is basically a type of garment, made from denim or dungaree cloth. Jeans basically a term used for specific pants which are quite popular by name “blue jeans”.

Its inventors are Jacob W. Davis and Levi Strauss & Co. The term “blue jeans” had been long in use for different types of garments like jackets, trousers etc. Its producers are manufacturing it using different processes. It was first introduced among teenagers in 1950s and it started using as fashion in 1960s and it covered the whole market with it different types of garments in 1970s and 80s. Jeans historic brands are Levi’s, Wrangier and Lee. In actual, Levi's Corporation introduced a slim boot-cut fit in market known as 517 and 527. These brands are still in demand in market and the buyers of jeans are witnessed crazy for these brands.

In 2010 jeans remained the famous fashion and it is available in fits, bell bottom and narrow bottom, skinny and in many other styles. Old aged and worn jeans are more popular among its buyers and it was first introduced in New York which later on became fashion. Its old and worn impression is given by using different chemicals like potassium permanganate, phenol, caustic soda etc. Jean can gain the same old and worn impression if it is more washed. That’s why it is mostly recommended to not more wash the jean.

Jeans are available in different other colors like brown, black, grey etc. apart from typical blue colored jeans. In 2010, jeans actually became popular for casual dresses around the globe. It’s now available in more fancy styles. Blue Jeans are specifically associated with American culture, specially the ancient west. Denim industry first provided the method of stone-washing which later on increased the worth of denim in market.

Different factories are producing best quality jeans and comparatively past years, now more companies are manufacturing jeans which makes the valuable statistics about jeans top suppliers and its buyers.

North America is leading buyer of jeans with statistics of 39% of world purchases for jeans. Western Europe is at 20%, Korea and Japan are at 10% and the rest of the globe at 31%. United States buyer’s financial expenditure strength statistics for buying jeans is US$14 billion in 2004 and it raised to US$15 billion in 2005.According to the market-research firm NDP group, US buyers purchased US$13.8 billion of women’s and men’s jeans in the whole year that according to analysts ended up 30th April 2011.

As the time changes, trend also gets variation and now according to survey in 2014, teenage buyers are looking more interested in other brands like Adidas, Nike, Under Armour athletic apparels. Fashion tides just have been shifted from jeans to soft, flexible athletic and activewear apparel buyers so now fashion manufacturers are required to tilt their way of production accordingly.