Which global city makes the most out of it?

Fashion blaze as always remains high but with variations so as glorious lamp of the semiannual global fashion week lighted up once again for fall of the 2016 season with the beginning of the New York fashion week, so the discussion also starts about the current trends and format of the newly started fashion week. World top most famous and rich fashion cities New York, Paris, London and Milan already incur maximum of their ongoing worth regarding the fashion week which luckily remained successful, though it earned quite well but it was merely by good fortune and the New York has been signified as the holy dish of the fashion week for both the designers and the city as it has made it’s the best highest shot of 513.5 Million Euros per event from economic point of view, which is considered much more than the US open and the NYC marathon.


There are certain other stats about the fashion weeks held in London as well, which explains that New York Fashion Week is followed by the Big Ben, London and according to analysis, whose biannual fashion week tremendously produced 322.1 million euros and the fashion week held in Berlin generated the handsome income of 73.3 Million Euros which is considered as much more than its most popular fashion pivot named Paris and Milan. Well conducting the fashion week is not the mean feat and in order to stay on the peak of the fashion ring so many famous and rich cities invested millions of euros, pounds and dollars to hold the fashion week skeleton.

According to the FashionUnited’s statistics, New York fashion week won the race and earned the top position in terms of the generated revenue per city, maximum visitors spend as well as local businesses. Bi-annual events brings in approximately 150,000 special visitors around the globe per season, according to the FashionUnited’s economic stats, the local venues, which are hired to hold the catwalk events and other presentations earn the total income of 180 million euros which is estimated 35% of the total revenue.