Denim is a recognized brand but it’s really awful situation that US denim market for men is not showing satisfactory results this year up till now and no special statistics found in the first half of current year 2016. Import of men’s jeans for US market looks on downtrend.

Statistics shows denim market going down 4.4 percent, it’s the men’s denim downturn within the past few years.

On the behave of the first quarter which was quite dump nothing hopeful can be speculated for the rest of the year. There was a time when denim jeans were extremely popular in west but now trend has been changed and lack of excitement is found for denim among youngsters.

Well situation remained quite disappointing regarding men’s denim but its bit hopeful for female’s denim and its record growth measured is 0.4 percent.

Lots of chaos is present related to second half of the year and in fact about rest of the whole year as it will show the real growth of denim in the imports sector from around the globe. According to the statistics more than 95 percent of total denim is absorbed in US.

According to 2013 statistics for denim apparel imports into United Stated is about 522 million pcs which did not show progress but it gradually went towards downfall and declined to 475 pcs in 2015.

Analysts are still waiting to see the actual growth for the rest of the year but it’s quite sure and apparent that no adequate growth found up till now.