It’s the time to talk about beautiful eyes whose elegance is enhanced through different inspirational colors experiments. Discussion is focused on real eye shadow practice using fantastic shades which gives a captive look to its viewers. Basically the game initiates with the real sense of colors and the understanding of its beautiful blending. Well it’s quite undoubted that body language, skin color, skin tone and eye color decides that what suites better on your eyes and how the colors behave according to your face-cut. Discussion will cover different colors and its fusion according to your eye colors which can give a perfect response.

Skin tone is quite special to be considered before applying any eye-shadow. There are categorized types of skin tone, some have cool and some have warm and eye-shadow gives an appealing touch if skin tone is considered seriously. As brands are not about to define the eye-shades according to the warm or cool skin tone because there is a certain color theory which is quite obvious. It is quite obvious theory that dark colors gives a warm effect and light colors gives a cool impression as yellow is considered a cool sign. If one is well aware of the skin tone and how it responds with different colors then you can navigate with firmness which surely gives a powerful effect. In order to find out the real flavor, consider your veins which are naturally blue in color and which turns into green with yellow color and it gives a cool touch. If the skin tone is pink then veins emerge as more violet. So it’s very well defined that warm skin tone’s leaves warm impression with warm colored eye-shadows and cool skin tone’s gives cool touch with cool colored eye-shadows whereas if the shading practice is done in opposite way of the color cycle then it give you more melodrama.

Applying the eye-shadow considering your own color is quite cool and gives nicer effect but if opposite colors are applied to your natural eye-color then its effect is more mesmerizing as the opposite color to blue is orange then if any orange color or any related colors from its genre are picked like red, yellow or orange then its charm is entirely lively and similarly green eye color and red undertones pick the more waves of maroon, burgundy and pink or other colors like lavender, violet plum etc. Similarly different and opposite colors are applied to other eye colors to give touchy effect which surely enhances the personality as eyes are considered the center of beauty!