Bangladesh garment industry is quite flourished and successful industry in world and current year statistics shows that Bangladesh exported 51 million square meters of readymade garments to United States market and earned $145 crores.

This generated revenue is more than last year. The progress reported in January was defined as 11.31 percent but unfortunately it could not continue for longer and by the end of February the graph of progress decreased to 8.46 percent and this statistics was provided by office of textiles and Apparel.

Bangladesh is considered as top producer and exporter of readymade garments to US market and China and Vietnam both are on number second.

Current year from January to March China exported big range of readymade garments to United States and earned $609 crores but this level of productivity is also measured less than the last year and its calculated percentage is 5.94 percent. Vietnam also exported RMG during the same time period to US market and it earned total $257 crores and its exports have incremented to 5.73 % comparatively last year.