China’s economy is quite strong and from industrial point of view China is amazingly stable country.

SPINEXPO is going to held in China and it provides serious opportunity for all the top ranked yarns, fibers and knitwear producing companies.

This exhibition is specially associated to modernization and innovation in yarns, fibers and knitwear and this exhibition is going to bring new wave of variety and uniqueness in textile and fashion industry. So many companies from across the globe going to participate in this important expo. China has always been quite supportive in matter of providing new platforms for industrial people and innovative kind of business bodies. All the buyers and suppliers are quite keen to display their experience and talent through this exhibition. Time is growing rapidly and new innovative techniques and applications are emerging and this all prove positive in long run.

All the buyers and suppliers are looking quite dedicated as they find SPINEXPO as a place of predominant significance where innovation, implementation and inspiration comes at one platform and people can find diversity in this exhibition.

So many famous and high ranked exhibitors are approving their participation and among all those top exhibitors Xinao is one of them and it’s the global leader of the supply of merino and its well-known for its tremendous interest and deep concern for environmental matters.

There are three lines which are mentioned for Xinao products yarns for circular knitting, yarns for knitwear and yarns for weaving. Moreover company associated with China based knitwear producers and Hong Kong.

There is another exhibitor which was launched in 1972 as a supplier of Japanese yarns to Hong Kong based companies is known as Fenix. It is involve in supply of men’s, women and children fashion and stylish sweaters.

The team of Fenix creates 500 different designs in every season. Fenix has large network and it has almost 80 accounts globally and its lead time is measured for prototype is around 14 to 20 days, its sampling takes 20 to 30 days and its production takes 40 to 60 days. Fenix is managing different techniques associated to sweaters manufacturing which includes washing, embroidery, needle punching, printing and mixed media which starts from hand knit qualities up to 18 gauges.