3000-4000 articles per months, male and female articles made from wool,cotton, acrylic, fiber in different colors and sizes

Textile / Knitted Fabric

FOB Price:EUR 1000 / Box
MOQ:1.5 Kgs.
Export Market:Worldwide
Export Country:Not Specified
Place of Origin:
Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of

Product Details

Knitwear Antigona is one of the biggest Macedonian manufacturers of knitwear fabrics. The tradition of quality began in the distant 1970. Starting off as a family workshop. It manufactures male and female articles made from cotton and acrylic fiber in different colors and sizes. Knitwear’s Antigona articles are distributed in all of Macedonia and around the world. One of our biggest partners is in Germany and France. In the existence of 44 years, the firm has developed immensely thanks to the progress of technology and the knowledge that the staff has. Today Antigona is spread over 1500 (square meters) of space and has 30 employees. Thanks to this capacity it can produce 6000 models per month.

Product Keywords

Lactose t-shirt, pullovers sweaters, school/securities uniforms,cardigans