African textile companies are the focus of attraction of sourcing for more western countries.

African textile companies are trying their best to give upraise to their textile industries. The likes of PVH and Vanity Fair are now going to make countries like Ethiopia and Kenya, their focus and real target.

African manufacturers are making their hardest efforts to face numerous problems and challenges due to different reasons like strained further due to lack of capable team workers, infrastructure etc. Africa need to show potential in their productivity and it is the only to secure their industries. It’s very important for continent to increase its worth in textile and apparel sector because it has great demand in international market.

There is an agreement by name AGOA, which is known as trade treaty and it provided great benefit to so many African countries in order to increase the level of export across the globe. Tanzanian apparel and textile showed enough growth of almost 71 percent living under the agreement of AGOA.

The country is cotton rich and it is leading so rapidly to sustain in market and to meet the current demand of market for giving more strength to the supply chain and to improve the state’s economy.

The region’s less use of pesticides has resulted in generating interest from the likes of the better Cotton made in Africa and Cotton initiative.

It is quite necessary for Africa in future to get more benefits from AGOA and to increment the opportunity level and to also focus that how to increase the local market. All these aspects are quite important for more growth. This could include addressing restrictions between African countries to help-out inter-regional trade and eradicating all the barriers and obstacles for example we can consider trade and custom barriers.

If it is considered that only audit will not bring conformity. The environmental and social affairs require association in order to get continuous betterment across the value chain.

AGOA agreement purpose was to uplift growth and industrial development of African countries which can also play a positive role in the global economy.