Techtextil exhibition held by North America took place from 3rd May to 5th May, 2016 and it was considered as one of the massive success. There were technical textiles, textile machinery, non-woven, sewn products, composite and other equipment’s. Recycled fibers, 3D body scanning, heat and fire resistant basalt fabrics and automated laser. The event displayed the US sewn products industry, ‘Made in America’ producers and the technical textile industry.

The event was quite innovative and attractive for all the visitors which came around the world like North America, Latin America and around the globe.

It fascinated all the business bodies and consumers came to attend the event around the world. Almost around 20 convention sessions being held all the three days of this grand event and some other extra meetings were also held which were quite motivating and innovative based on new textile techniques and latest methodologies.

Lots of new topics were the focus of discussions as sustainability, automation, 3D, re-shoring, sewing technologies, welding, smart future textiles and some other were the part of discussions.

Different countries around the world participated around the world like China, Taiwan, Business France, Italy, Belgium, China, Germany and SEAMS which is made in United States.

It was a massive event in which different manufacturers marked their presence and apparel and nonwoven manufacturers were more visible in exhibition. World was looking more concerned about new mechanized technology and new innovations in textile industry. This event proved as a gateway for more manufacturers and suppliers to grow their business in better direction.