India is economically a strong country and it’s per year revenue is in billions.

India is industrially quite strong country. According to the reporters and analysts total cotton production of India is estimated from 2015-16 is 341.50 lakh bales. Statistics show that total crop production from 2014-15 is 382.75 lakh bales.

The reason of less production in northern region is submitted that white fly attack on crop and it damaged the crop and due to this mishap production is measured from 2015-16 is 41 lakh bales and it is less than 53.50 lakh bales than last year. Cotton arrival is measured as 22.25 lakh bales in April comparatively 27.05 lakh bales in the last year and same month. It’s a big difference and disastrous for India’s cotton export.

According to the statistics the total cotton estimated up till this year April is 302.40 lakh bales which almost makes 89 percent of the total estimated crop.  

The surplus measured as 124.10 lakh bales and the estimated total supply from 2015 to 16 is calculated as 429.10 lakh bales while local consumption is 305 lakh bales.

Cotton industry plays vital role in the economy of India as the cotton industry is the most important and revenue generating industry of India. Textile industry earns a lot for India.

Indian textile’s industry is one of the biggest cotton yarn producer and exporter of cotton and it almost contributes 11 percent in the total production of Indian cotton, 14 percent manufacturing sector, 4 percent to GDP and total 12 percent to the total export earnings.