India’s economy and industry is quite up to mark and its developing day by day. India’s blended spun yarn export was up to 11.2 percent year on year and the ratio of volume raised 19.5 percent comparatively to the same month past year.

According to the statistics of April, 2016, Polyester cotton yarns was exported to 53 countries, Bangladesh and Egypt were the largest importer of yarn followed by Columbia. Honduras, Spain, South Africa, Brazil and Turkey proved rapidly growing markets for PC yarns while especially South Africa reduced its PC yarns import from best yarn exporter India in April.

Pakistan’s textile industry though not among the largest one in the world but it’s still among significant names of the countries who did not import PC yarns from India during April and Saudi Arabia and Pakistan lie among those countries.

Iran was another addition in the 14 new markets found during the month.

Polyester viscose yarns were exported to 30 different countries from India in April and the volume was 3.3 million kgs. Turkey was marked as the largest importer of yarn with the volume of 63.23 percent share of the total volume.

Japan, Russia, Argentina and Iran were the rapidly growing markets for PV yarns, whereas Honduras and Romania were included in new major markets. Different six countries were not included in import of PV yarn during month which includes the major countries Uganda, Peru and Tanzania.

Cotton and Acrylic yarns prices were reduced almost 16% year on year in April.