There is no limit of fashion and as fashion industry grows, textile industry also get flourished at rapid scale. In Pakistan latest machinery is functional now and that’s the reason different fantastic and stylish brands are quite popular in market. Different household and other textile goods are keeping pace with the same speed. New designs and prints are present in market and their demand is quite high. Garments are manufactured at large scale and in latest designs and print and it is considered as big progress.

As world has been digitalized so different printing companies have released their printing equipment’s for more latest and unique output as DTG printers, Epson’s Sure Color F2000 series are included here.

There are different printing equipment’s used for garment printing as GT-3 Series Garment Printer with CMYK and another one is by Brother which is 4 White Print Heads.

As the taxes and custom duties have been eliminated on import of finishing textile machinery, import of machinery has been increased within the time duration of 2014-2015.

The import of textile equipment’s and textile material like textile dyeing, drying, bleaching and finishing machines increased. The statistics explains that it increased from 782 numbers value of Rs 1.34 billion in 2012-2013 to 2,220 numbers valued Rs 3.35 billion in 2014-2015 and it shows almost 50 percent increase.  

Technology is spreading on rapid scale and its resulting in quite innovative manner. Fabric production is increasing speedily and its production is earning a lot in market though it’s not up to that specific height yet but different steps are decided to taken in account to upraise it. In a nut shell things are changing quickly as the time is changing.

Pakistan facing challenges

Pakistan is facing so many challenges from inside and from outside both. Pakistan’s textile industry is captured by so many socio-economic factors and US and European buyers are also not much active for Pakistan’s textile sector.

Load shedding and other tax issues are creating trouble for growth of Pakistan’s textile industry. There is 13.6 percent increase in electricity rates is visible and it is also figured out as the reason of less presence of Pakistan’s textile in international market.

As the APTMA submitted the report which shows that billions of rupees of textile industry are stuck up and government is not releasing the overdue funds amount which is also encountered as reason of industrial downfall. In order to survive in international market Pakistan is compelled to get loan and its raising the production cost continuously which is not a positive sign.

Pakistan’s government announced the upraise from 13 billion dollars to 26 billion dollars on textile exports within 2014 to 2019.

Pakistan is on its way to grow but quite steadily and its struggling hard to pass through hard phase as early as possible.