Pakistan and Indian relation has always been not so satisfied and not hidden from everyone as well. Though the relationship status between both the states is not good enough but this thing has not impeded them from cotton business.

Pakistan ultimately has become the biggest importer of Indian cotton, purchasing quantity measured is about 25 lakh bales of cotton which is about 40 percent of the shipments of the textile fiber from industrially fully established India during the years of 2015-16 season, all the information is provided by trade and industry officials said.

According to reporters India has almost exported 65 lakh bales of cotton during 2015-2016 season.

Pakistan cotton growth has reduced too much and it’s effecting on agricultural economy.

The estimated fallen rate is 35 percent which is around 97 lakh bales in year 2015-16. It is measured that Pakistan buy almost 12 lakh bale of cotton from India per annum.

India is the largest cotton exporter of the world, according to CAB with the potential yield of 338 lakh bales for 2015-2016 season.