Pakistan’s textiles industry is poorly suffering through disastrous time period. Textile industry is totally under pressure.

Statistics shows that 30% of the textile companies which are mentioned in the list showed average production but 70% of the textile sector showed zero output or it remained close due to state internal crisis.

Textile sector cells want to stop or decrease the input amount of the cotton farmers in order to increase the yield. To get the finance provided by the textile industry for cotton analysis is also their requirement which is allocated to spend on cottonseed technology.

Another important idea is to reduce the taxes and to remove all the taxes especially on the raw material of textile industry.

It is instructed that tax should be imposed only on finished textile products or garments which are supplied for domestic use.

Another important instruction is that import of synthetic fibers importantly viscose and acrylic should be tax free in order to increase the diversity of market and production rate as well.

It is also demanded that subsidised and imported synthetic yarns and fabrics should have 15 percent excise imposed on them.

Sales tax and other excise charges on the import of cotton should be removed. It was also speculated if this all is not done then it can cause more damage to the textile industries of Pakistan and Pakistan will not be able to compete with growing industries like Bangladesh industry and Vietnam.