Thailand and Pakistan both countries have good political relationships with each other’s. Pakistan economy though not extraordinary good but it’s not poor as the economy of the least developed countries is.

Pakistan’s textile products are quite famous in Thailand and that’s the reason Thailand’s government thinks to sign a FTA agreement with Pakistan.

It will increase trade between Pakistan and Thailand which will benefit ultimately both the countries. Both the countries look interested in holding exhibitions on correlative basis.

In this way Pakistan can benefit Thailand in excelling trade with Central and South Asian countries whereas Thailand can help Pakistan in promoting trade with Asian countries.

Currently the trade between Pakistan and Thailand is of a billion dollar which requires to be increased more at least up to 2 billion dollars.

The trade relations between Thailand and Pakistan will be more improved due to this agreement. Both the countries look quite dedicated for signing new trade agreements which will earn benefit for both the countries in long run and it shall also improve the economy of both the countries. Thailand and Pakistan both the countries are quite attractive countries with respect to tourism and in long term it can be beneficial for both Thailand and Pakistan.