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TEXPO 2016
April 07, 2016 to April 10, 2016

Industrial Fairs

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TDAP (Trade Development Authority of Pakistan) is organizing TEXPO 2016.

For the first time a Textile Sector Texpo 2016 begin organized by the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) which is expected to open new horizons for investors to invest in the textile sector.
Art Silk and Synthetic Textile, Bed Wear, Cotton Bags/Sacks; Cloth; Thread; Waste; Yarn, Fashion Accessories; Garments; Foundation Garment; Accessories; Handicrafts (Textile), Knitted or Crocheted Fabrics, Knitewears, Leather, Garments, Raw Cotton, Ready Made Garments, Tents & Other Canvas Goods, Textile Fabrics Woven; Machinery; Made Ups (Excl. Towels & Bed Wear), Towels, Traditional Garments, Tulle Lace, Embroidery etc., Yarn Other than Cotton Yarn.

How to register/participate?

Gul Ahmad, ChenOne, Shabbir Textile, Fashion Pakistan Council, Master Textile, Sapphire Textile Mills, Kohinoor Textile Mills, Reshma Textiles, Colony Textile Mills, Mahmood Group, Soorty Enterprises, Digital Dura Prints, Sitara Chemicals, Mima Leather, Faisal Fabrics, Gohar Textiles, Din Industries, Al-Karam Towel, Bari Textile, Afroze Towel, Hasam Towel, Bil Exporters., PTEA, PTA and PLGMEA included.Top foreign brands like B&C collection (Belgium), Shinatomo, ITO-Yokado, Yonex, Marubeni Intex, Marubeni Tex (Japan), Lotte Mart, Shinwon (South Korea), Simmons- The leading US bedding brand, Hertex, Standerton, Polo Africa (South Africa), Super Muffato (Brazil), Apacinti (Indonesia), Septwolves (China), Teddy SPA (Italy), Fifth Factory (Spain), Basic Resources, Green Source (USA), Gargo Way 10, DET 10-10 (Vietnam), Firma Gamma (Russia) have confirmed to attend Texpo, 2016. Delegation from UK is also participating in TEXPO.

Sponsers / Partners / Supporters

Ministry of Commerce
Ministry of Textile Industry
Board of Investment
State Bank of Pakistan