Yarns is great textile product to export and to earn great amount of revenue. TSI yarns is quite popular and it has joint venture with Atlanta-based industrial type fiber supplier Hamilton international which is a good step forward. Both TSI yarns and Hamilton international capabilities are measured in matter of sourcing talent with TSI yarns development and production, providing more exposure to their capacities.

TSI has ISO 9001 certified facility and it has capacity to produce almost 4,50,000 pounds of textured yarns every week.

Hamilton provides access to raw material through other businesses and it helps to wider the range of solutions provided by TSI yarns to clients.

Current and specific vibes are required to be available in work and efforts which open new gateways of success and American manufacturing provides TSI yarns new chances to increase the range of its products and services.

TSI yarns founded in 1987 and it has reached to its peak. It is serving worldwide knitting and weaving industries. Its brilliantly provides you selection of air jet textured yarns for the manufacturing of textiles. Different techniques and modern methodologies are used in which air jet spinning technique is quite workable and through this company creates yarns which is quite durable and tough.

The products includes nylon, variety of flame resistant fibers and polyester. The company’s production is 3,00,000 pounds of versatile and excellent textured yarns every week, ranging from 140 to 4000 denier on current air texturing machines.

It provides testing guidelines, application and technical information for all products and services to ensure quality of performance.