Selling your products is very easy in our marketplace. You can follow these simple steps and start receiving inquiries right away.

Step-1: Register as 'Supplier'

First you have to create an account as 'Supplier' or 'Buyer + Supplier' in order to be able to add products into the system. Once you are done, you are ready to proceed with step-2 explained below.

Step-2: Post your Product

Once you are successfully registered and logged into the website, go to My TAFFGlobal. There you see shortcut links to all important actions you need. Click on 'Post a Product' and you'll see a user-friendly form to add your product details. Carefully add all information here and submit for approval. Once our moderators approve your product for publishing in marketplace, you'll be done.

You can see all your products in 'Products Catalog' section in My TAFFGlobal. This catalog is visible to other TAFFGlobal registered members as well who land on your profile but only published ones.

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions. Our technical support team is there to resolve your issues and respond to your queries. Contact us here.